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Application procedures

The deadline of application for degree programs is April 30th each year.

Applications for none-degree programs shall submit application at least two months before the starting day of the program.

Applicants for scholarships arerequired to submit their applications before May 30th every year.

The application docmuments include

1. Application Form for Overseas Students to Study at Beijing University of Technology

2. Scanned copy of the most recent Certificate of Degree,original transcripts

3. 5 48mm*33mm non-head-covering registration photos and the application fee (400 RMB).

The documents will be assessed by different colleges of Beijing University of Technology. Successful applicants will be sent the Application Form for Visa (Form JW202) and Acceptance Letter. With the above documents and the Physical Test Record,  the applicants can apply for a visa atthe Chinese Embassy in their own countries.

Admitted students arerequired to be registered at Beijing University of Technology on schedule withthe Acceptance Letter and Form JW202.