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Huawei Holds Recruitment Job Fair for BIT International Students


Huawei Holds Recruitment Job Fair for BIT International Students

 TranslatorNews Agency of BIT Chen Ruoheng

  Editor: News Agency of BIT Zhao Jie




  To broaden the employment channelbuild an employment platform and create more employment opportunities, BIT cooperated with Huawei Technology Limited Corporation(Huawei) and held “2017 Huawei Recruitment Job Fair for BIT International Students”. This has been the second large recruitment job fair since BIT cooperated with Huawei for launching the mating operation for the BIT international students. Over 150 graduates attended the fair while Huawei received over 130 effective resumes at the spot.

  Huawei attached much importance to this recruitment job fair. They specially appointed the human resources recruitment manager Jiang Yushan and An Dongxiang to introduce the company development and recent recruitment plan to the foreign students. Students who can speak Chinese from ‘The Belt and Road countries’ were the objects of their want in this job fair.

  Huawei’s recruiting demand matches our school’s foreign students’ admission policy to a large extent. BIT set the Plan for Studying Abroad in BIT in 2012. The plan was based on the “Double First-rate” and international development demand and served for the major national strategy. It focused on the Southeast Asia, Central-East Europe and Southeast Africa which are along ‘The Belt and Road’ areas, conducted the Globalization Strategy strongly, developed the foreign student admission platform in a high level, and deepened the communication and consolidated the foundation for cooperation. Furthermore, the increase of prospective student scale and quality would be ensured. Among the students attending the recruitment, over 80% came from ‘The Belt and Road’ area.




  The second part of the recruitment job fair was collecting the resumes of different areas and answering questions. There were Southeast Asia Area, Middle East Area, South Africa Area and others at the recruitment sites. International students all took their self-recommendation and resumes, and talked with Huawei recruiting staff actively.




  In the past two years, BIT had communicated with Huawei on international students’ employment for many times, which builds a good cooperation foundation. The success of the recruitment fair would deepen the bilateral cooperation of the platform for foreign students’ employment and internship, also improve the quality of foreign students’ employment management. And the pertinence and efficiency of foreign students’ employment could be promoted. On the other hand, the success not only made the foreign students face the best enterprise in China closely but also let them know more about the China’s development and changes, which made more contribution to Chinese and foreign cultural interaction.

  In the future, BIT will constantly take adevantages to develop close cooperation with the public departments, social institutions, transnational corporations and famous enterprises. BIT will also focus on the vocational counsel, social practice, technical innovation and student entrepreneur, working hard to build foreign student social service system, and to improve the study environment in BIT for the international students.